Our Leadership Team

KMaher close up.pngKerry Maher - Principal

Kerry Maher is Principal at Mt Maria College Petrie. With over 35 years in secondary coeducational schools, and over 10 Years in Catholic educational leadership, she is an expert in curriculum delivery including the development of learning programs that promote excellence and equity in education. She has a particular expertise in supporting students with diverse learning needs to ensure they develop the skills and dispositions to successfully transition from secondary school to post-school study, employment, or vocational training. 

As an education expert, Kerry led the 'School to Post School Transition' project on behalf of Brisbane Catholic Education. Her leadership of this project has brought lasting benefit for the college in particular the development, flexible pathway for students, to attain their Queensland Certificate of Education, reach their potential and realise their personal goals.

​Solution focussed and determined; Kerry stands for equity for all learners. She firmly believes that with the right support, all learners can achieve their potential and find their unique pathway to becoming strong community contributors post school. She knows the key to successful student learning outcomes is strong supportive partnerships between home and school. 

ActingDeputyPrincipal2023.jpgRaechel Fletcher - Acting Deputy Principal 

​Raechel Fletcher is an experienced and passionate educator with over 24 years of experience in Catholic education. She is currently the Acting Deputy Principal at Mt Maria College Petrie. Raechel cares deeply about people and is dedicated to helping students become the best version of themselves. 

Guided by a stron​g belief in the power of education and its ability to change lives, Raechel is committed to holistic education grounded in Catholic values. Raechel is fervent about teaching students to be compassionate towards those in need and to care for the environment around them. She has presented to peers on Catholic Identity and embedding Catholic perspectives across curriculum, demonstrating her commitment to providing a well-rounded education that focuses on the whole person.

As an expert in pastoral care, Raechel has worked interstate and Catholic schools across a variety of contexts. She has also been a skilled education officer at Brisbane Catholic Education. 

One of her key strengths is the ability to work collaboratively with people to promote a positive working environment and utilise people's strengths to create change, all for the benefit of the students. She uses her quirky sense of humour to connect with students and families, and is known for her creativity and friendliness.

As a leader in education, Raechel understands the complexities of living in a complex, globalised, fast-paced and rapidly changing world and believes that education should equip students to be responsive and agile so they can thrive in their life beyond school. ​

CarrS2023b.jpgSally Carr - Assistant Principal

Sally Carr is the Assistant Principal at Mt Maria College Petrie. Sally has spent the last seven years in leadership roles and prior to that as a humanities teacher in Catholic co-ed, all girls and P-12 schools.

Armed with the belief that everyone can learn, and everyone can find a pathway to success for their future, Sally challenges students to know themselves, and to know how they learn best so they can experience success at school. Further, she respects that success looks very different for everyone and encourages students to run their own 'learning' race. 

As an advocate of wellbeing and learning going hand in hand, Sally believes the home-school partnership is critical.  She promotes a balance of nurture and rigour in learning and engagement by stealth, at school and at home, and knows that building courage, resilience and a positive mindset in students is the key to their success. She is passionate about inclusive education and supporting young people into tertiary pathways and the workplace. 

Sally's expertise sees her support, equip and journey with her colleagues providing guidance in matters of student wellbeing, curriculum, tracking progress, transitions and solution seeking for best outcomes for students.

Nominated for excellence in teaching awards in 2019 and 2022, Sally's work has been published in the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia (AGSA) Alliance journal, Brain Club: H​olding Space for Deep Learning Through Conversation.

Cameron Hogg – Assistant Principal Mission & Identity

Cameron Hogg has been at Mt Maria College Petrie since 2015 and was appointed Assistant Principal Mission & Identity in 2022. He has taught Religious Education, English, Humanities and Legal Studies.

With an enthusiasm for developing student leaders through the religious life of the school, Cameron is passionate about theology and ethics, and their connection to helping students uncover their gifts and their unique place in the world. 

Cameron believes that educating young people goes well beyond curriculum and data. Further, he believes that students grow and develop when they are in service to themselves and in the service to others.  Cameron stands for student wellbeing and holistic development as the key ingredients to educating the 'leaders of the future'.

Connecting with students and families through listening, genuine compassion and humour, Cameron is the one to turn to when students may be experiencing challenges at school. He naturally connects with students and journeys with them as they learn to solve problems and discover new ways of being.

Cameron invites teachers, students and parents to come together in partnership to develop our young people into active and informed citizens who are leaders not just in the workforce, but in society as well.

Acknowledged for his expertise in teaching, community spirit and championing student voice, Cameron has been nominated numerous times for excellence in Catholic education. Committed to the mission of being a game-changer for young people, he is also a member of the Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat.


BusinessManager2022.jpgDonna Appleman - Business Manager

Donna Appelman has been the Business Manager at Mt Maria College Petrie since 2020. A CPA for 20 years and a member of the Association of School Business Administrators (ASBA), Donna has over 25 years of financial management experience across the education, early childhood, retirement living, aged care and building sectors. Donna's time with Churches of Christ saw her working directly with child protection and community services. Prior to this role, Donna spent two years as Business Manager at St Michael's College, Merrimac.

As a highly experienced accountant, Donna has worked with complex company structures, managing up to eight entities, and a company delivering 50 services across Queensland. She has experience with the NDIS scheme, and has held independent Board positions at St Mary's College, Ipswich and with property development company the Leyshon Group Pty Ltd. 

Donna is passionate about her role at Mt Maria College Petrie and is instrumental in managing building projects that sees the Petrie campus transformed into some of the best learning spaces in the area. 

With a ​proactive approach to achieving best outcomes, Donna is a positive person who is very approachable, she encourages families to contact her if seeking advice on enrolments and school fees.

Donna is active within the college community and strives to be present at college events to get to know families, and to share her passion for developing a college that has great learning spaces and the right amount of open space for the students to enjoy.