MMCP Learning Culture

Find out about our Learning Culture from our Leader of Learning, Tara Thistlethwaite

MMCP Learning Culture (video)​

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Engagement and Achievement

Mt Maria College Petrie aims to:

  • Recognise and cater for a diversity of student abilities, interests and needs
  • Provide for the academic, sporting and spiritual development of all students
  • Cater for students' needs through literacy, numeracy and learning support programs
  • Provide for the future educational needs of our students by assisting in the development of individual career pathways
  • Provide a combination of subjects which will develop and strengthen students skills and abilities
  • Actively engage students in a range of practical and real-life classroom activities
  • Include all students in all aspects of College life
  • Nourish and support through education the faith life of families 

Encouragement, Participation and Initiative

Mt Maria College Petrie aims to:
  • Provide learning opportunities for students through field trips, excursions, retreats, liturgies, work experience, and assemblies
  • Encourage students to participate in community service activities
  • Encourage student initiatives to support other students, charities, and the community
  • Provide opportunities for all students to be involved in sports at all year levels
  • Provide opportunities for all students to participate in annual swimming, athletics and cross-country carnivals
  • Support students eligible for regional and district sporting teams

Support, Service and Leadership

Mt Maria College Petrie aims to:
  • Provide leadership opportunities for students
  • Develop close partnerships between parents and the school
  • Encourage students to develop and demonstrate their citizenship through service within the school and through community service
  • Support students and their families through the services of a full-time counsellor​
  • Keep parents informed of school issues and events through a weekly newsletter
  • Further develop student social skills through individual and small group programs 

Creativity and Community

Mt Maria College Petrie aims to:
  • Provide opportunities for students to showcase their work at school and in the wider community
  • Encourage student creativity in all areas of the arts
  • Enhance the cultural awareness of all students
  • Engage in various local cultural and community projects

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