Meet the Principal

Hello and welcome to Mt Maria College Petrie. My name is Wayne Chapman and I've been Principal here since January 2019. Mt Maria College Petrie is a Year 7 – 12 secondary college in the Marist tradition.

First and foremost, I am a teacher and I have spent my career working in Catholic education across both regional and city schools, in single sex schools and coeducational schools. I have a particular interest in technology, curriculum, and student wellbeing.

With over 20 years in senior leadership roles, I am an active contributor to the teaching profession by serving on committees and associations to advance education for our young people. I have high expectations of myself, our teaching team, students, and parents.

I stand for the power of education and know that every single young person can stretch and grow academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. My goal is that that every student leaves our gates highly developed and having experienced a wide range of cocurricular activities so they can become the best version of themselves in their life beyond school.

I believe young people need teachers who are committed to their holistic education. I believe the best teachers are active learners themselves and are fully supported by a positive school culture, so they grow in their skill and expertise as they teach and model learning for our young people.

As an educator, I am naturally curious and have one eye on the future we are preparing our young people for, and the other on strategic leadership and strong relationships with teachers, parents, community, and most importantly, our students.

What I want you to know about our team at Mt Maria College Petrie, is that we love our students, and we want them here all day, every day. We will get to know your child and learn how to best teach them and develop them. We work closely with families who value education and have realistic expectations for their children. 

As a proud father of three, I truly understand the challenges of raising young people in contemporary society.

I am known to be a calming influence for families and students as they navigate some of the challenges of adolescence, so I do encourage you to reach out if you have any concerns about your child, whether they are a student at our college or not.

Our parents and carers are warmly invited to join all aspects of college life including school events, volunteering, working bees and more.

I invite you to come and meet me, see our beautiful campus and meet our teachers and students.  

Please get in touch anytime, I'd love to show you around and look forward to meeting you personally.


​Wayne Chapman

College Principal​