​In Mathematics, we encourage students to question the world around them and to reach out of their comfort zone. In Junior Mathematics students are guided through the ACARA Curriculum through the use of the Maths Pathway Teaching and Learning Model, enabling staff to balance pedagogy, and differentiation seamlessly.

Across the Junior years, students are guided through years of Rich Learning and Problem-based projects and investigations, encouraging students to think wholistically about mathematics and the many ways we can approach problems and find solutions. The development of a positive mathematics mindset and growth mindset during this time is crucial to a student's educational journey and engagement.

Year 10 is a pivotal year for a student's education journey, and we work closely with students ensuring that the foundations for future success are transitioned effectively from Junior to Secondary. As well as fulfilling ACARA requirements, students in Year 10 can elect subjects in preparation for Senor Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 

In the Senior years, the opportunity to select a Mathematics subject suited to each student's future endeavours widens, offering Essential Mathematics, General Mathematics, and Mathematical Methods. All options will enable students to follow their post-secondary pathway – more information regarding the necessary levels can be found at​

Find out about our Curriculum Leader: Mathematics, Mr Timothy Huppatz

Mathematics​ at MMCP (video)