Instrumental Music & Vocal Program

We are excited to let you know​ that our renewed music program is launching soon!

Mt Maria College Petrie is partnering with Majenta Music to offer a comprehensive Instrumental Music and Vocal Program. The Program is designed to grow the performing arts and cultural sphere of the College through performances and events.​​​​

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Benefits of Instrumental Music 

Engaging in Ins​​trumental Music/Vocal tuition has been shown in numerous studies to be highly beneficial for students. Learning an instrument and vocal training not only leads to lasting positive cognitive changes but also enhances memory, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills through discipline and practice. 

Music education​​ fosters creativity and emotional expression, allowing students to convey feelings and thoughts through music. Furthermore, it boosts self-esteem and confidence through performance, contributing to the well-rounded development of students both intellectually and emotionally.  

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About the Instrumental Music and Vocal Program at Mt Maria College Petrie

Majenta Music provid​​​​​es experienced Instrumental and Vocal Specialists for lessons and will work collaboratively with Mt Maria College Petrie​​ to enhance the overall development and music education of the students.

All Instrumental Mus​ic and Vocal students engage in one private/group lesson per week.

Students who learn a band or orchestral instrumental, or do vocal lessons, will also engage in weekly ensemble rehearsals once they’ve reache​​​d the suitable level, as determined by the Specialists. These ensemble experiences foster teamwork, communication, and musical expression, contributing to their holistic musical education. 

​​​All Instrumental Music and Vocal students will have opportunities to perform for a wider audience at school community events.​



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