Our Results and Graduate Pathways

Our Results and Graduate Pathways

Our students continue to achieve their learning potential amidst a strong College ‘improvement agenda culture’ where high expectations are held for all students.  54 Senior Education Profiles were issued in 2017 along with 68 Nationally recognized Vocational Education Training Qualifications of which 96% were Certificate 11 and 22% were Certificate III level qualifications.

Four students successfully completed School based traineeships in an area they identified as a possible future pathway and one student gained early entry in to Australian Catholic University based on school academic results.  This year one student has gained entry into the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) Headstart Program studying IT, nine students have gained entry into the Tafe at School program in their chosen vocational field. 18 of our senior students are completing School Based Traineeships or Apprenticeships.

2016 – 2017 – Strong Graduate Outcomes


84.0% - 97.5% QCE

94% - 97.5% Literacy

94% - 100% Numeracy

96% - 97.5% VET

While some of the 2017 ‘Next Steps Data’ is yet to be released, our high expections for our students is reflected in 2016 data.  Main destination Data as follows:

  • ​17.2 % Bachelor Degree Level
  • 13.8 % Certificate IV or above
  • 6.9 % Certificate III
  • 13.8 % Apprenticeships
  • 10.3 % full time employment
  • 31 % part time employment