Message from the Principal

​With 2018 well underway, I welcome all our new, current and prospective parents to our College.  This is my fourth year at MMCP and I am so proud of what we, as a staff and whole community has accomplished.  This year will be yet another period of growth as we see our much anticipated centre for Science and Student welfare, along with more state of the art learning spaces arise from the dust where our aged science block once stood.  Also we will see the creation of a new café and covered dining facility.  This new round of building work will ensure our College is contemporary, fresh and engaging for our students.

Our enrolments are close to 400 and continuing to rise as people realise what a wonderful, progressive place our College is.  Our College will always be comparatively small compared to our surrounding super schools, however, our very strength is in our small size and our ability to provide excellent Pathways for all of our students, regardless of their ability.  Our caring, professional staff are well qualified to engage students in the classroom and provide a quality education second to none.

Mt Maria College Petrie is all about family and community.  Together we can achieve marvelous things.  I look forward to meeting many of our MMCP family throughout the year at our different College events.  You are always welcome.



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