Message from the Principal

2019 has involved exciting developments at Mt Maria College, Petrie. The school year has been punctuated with many celebrations and achievements. Our students love our new MacKillop Building. This facility has delivered us with state-of-the art Science laboratories, learning spaces and a beautiful cafe that forms a central gathering space within the campus. The new learning areas are excellent and provide the optimum backdrop for student progress and development.

​This year has seen dynamic and exciting learning taking place across the college. Students have been deeply engaged in rich curriculum opportunities that enhance core skills and transfer these into meaningful understandings.  Our clear focus on developing student literacy has involved teachers collaborating regularly around engaging lesson preparation for our young people. Student performance has enhanced as a result and this, in turn, supports increased learning across all subject areas. 

Co-curricular activities have coloured our Wednesday afternoon program with students competing in the SECA (South East Colleges Association) inter-school sporting competition. SECA Northside commenced this year and our students have performed exceptionally well, with many teams winning premierships. More importantly, our young men and women have represented themselves and the college very well, competing with high effort and in good spirit.

Our Marist Charism flavours all that we do and offers a rich way to meaningfully connect the young people in our care to deeper understandings about the world. Our students have been heavily involved in outreach programs such as The Breakfast Club and Care to Cook in which they serve those in need across the broader community. 

​To prospective parents, please access the many opportunities that are available to engage with us to understand how we can support your son or daughter in this caring environment. To our current parents, as partners in the learning journey of our young people, I look forward to continuing to work with you as your son or daughter flourishes at Mt Maria College, Petrie. ​​




​Wayne Chapman   
College Principal