Laptop Program

One-to-one learning provides every student and teacher access to his or her own laptop computer in a wireless environment allowing students to learn at their own pace and ability levels.
One-to-one initiatives have gained momentum worldwide and are increasingly seen as a key to transforming education and better preparing students to succeed in a global world.
The National Secondary School Computer Fund (NSSCF) was set up by the Government to assist schools in achieving a one-to-one computer to student ratio. The aim of the fund was to enable schools to achieve this ratio in Years 9 to 12.
All students in Years 9 to 12 have their own laptops, and in 2016 Year 10s were given Macbooks to take them through to Year 12.  By the time they leave us they will be proficient in both Mac and PC platforms.
Documents relating to the Laptop Program:
Parent and Student Guidelines Booklet
Parent and Student Agreement Forms
These documents refers to extra information regarding Email, Internet Access and Web Publishing.